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lifted from the Monster List of Fibromyalgia Symptoms, these are individual symptoms associated with fibromyalgia I experience.

General Fibromyalgia Symptoms:

*Post-exertional malaise, exercise intolerance
*Other family members with fibromyalgia (genetic predisposition)
*Sweats, including night sweats
*Unexplained weight gain or loss (usually gain)
*Cravings for carbohydrates and chocolate
*Activity level decreased to 50% of pre-illness activity

Muscle & Tissue-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms:

*Pain that ranges from mild to severe, and may move around the body (back, neck, joints, arms, legs)
*Morning stiffness
*Diffuse swelling
*Muscle cramps/spasms, tightness
*Plantar fasciitis
*Joint hypermobility

Sinus & Allergy-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Runny nose
*Mold & yeast sensitivity
*Earaches & itchy ears
*Ringing ears

Sleep-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Unrefreshing sleep
*Sleep starts (falling sensations)
*Teeth clenching
*Drooling in sleep
*Delayed Sleep Phase
*Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (twitchy muscles at night

Reproductive Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Menstrual problems
*Painful intercourse

Abdominal & Digestive Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Bloating & nausea
*Abdominal cramps
*Pelvic pain
*Urinary frequency

Cognitive/Neurological Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Difficulty speaking known words/names, finding words, (nominal aphasia )
*Losing train of thought in the middle of a sentence
*Poor balance
*Paresthesias in the upper limbs (tingling or burning sensations)
*Short-term memory impairment
*Switching left and right
*Difficulty following a conversation when background noise is present
*Dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium
*Staggering gait (clumsy walking; bumping into things)

Sensory Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Sensitivity to odors
*Sensitivity to temperature & humidity
*Sensitivity to noise
*Night driving difficulty--? (not sure exactly but def. problems with night vision and temporary paralysis when adjusting to dark)
*Spots or floaters not related to migraines
*Flashes of light perceived peripherally

Emotional Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Tendency to cry easily
*Mood swings
*Unaccountable irritability

Skin, Hair & Nail-Related Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Pronounced nail ridges
*No "moons" in nails
*Mottled skin
*Scarring easily
*Overgrown connective tissues (ingrown hairs, adhesions, thickened/split cuticles, cysts)
*Frequent rashes
*Dry, itchy, sensitive skin
*Slow healing

Miscellaneous Fibromyalgia Symptoms

*Buckling knees
*Sub-normal temperature
*Neurogenic inflammation
*Dry/painful eyes
*Dry mouth/increased thirst
*Hands hurt excessively when put in cold water
*Symptoms change focus from time to time, like disease is moving through the body
*Thickened "sleep" around eyes in mornings
*Very attractive to biting flies and mosquitoes
*Morton's foot
*Cold extremities
*Dental problems

Co-morbid Conditions:

*Irritable Bowel Syndrome
*Generalized Anxiety Disorder
*Panic attacks
*PTSD (I had PTSD for a long time, consider it to be mostly resolved)
*Sleep Apnea
*Tension headaches
*Restless Legs Syndrome (only had two episodes but father/sister/brother have it, likely to get worse)
*Premature birth
*Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (have sub-clinical symptoms, mother/both sisters have it, doctor said I have 100% chance of developing it)

Christ on a motherfucking cross.
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