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dark goddess devotee's delrium tremens

all that's best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes

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I’m a pansexual, poly, kinky, femme, fat grrrl.
I'm a teacher.
I co-parent a fabulous little girl and I also share my life with a truly awesome cat.
I have piercings and tattoos--including lines from Keats.
I'm smart.
I'm funny.
I don’t hide the light of my inner sex goddess under a bushel.
I love my fatness.
I'm political but not dogmatic.
I like music, film and art—from industrial to Renaissance drama.
I have goth tendencies with a slight rockabilly tinge.
I never learned how to drive.
I have an endless supply of trivial knowledge and one hell of a vocabulary.
And I know a hell of a lot about Gothic literature!

I'm also a person who deals with chronic depression, anxiety and the other results of traumatic life events. I process a lot of that here--forewarned is forearmed.

Current contact info. can be found here.

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"lolita", academia, activism, alan moore, alt-country, anarcho-socialism, anatomical imagery, ancient eygpt, anglophilia, anne radcliffe, anti-imperialism, antiquarian books, art history, baking after midnight, bdsm, bibliophilia, bisexuality, black madonnas, bodily relics, body modification, body relics, body studies, body theory, boy on boy action, british studies, buffy the vampire slayer, carla bozulich, cats, cheee-kan!, chicken!, chocolate, co-parenting, cooking, corsets, costuming, critical catholicism, cultural studies, dark goddesses, devil girls, disability studies, doctor who, editing, english as a discipline, erotic plasticity, ethical sluttery, fairytales, fanfic, fat empowerment, fat girls, fatness, feminism, femme on femme, femmeness, fetishes, finishing my phd, firefly, flogging, foodie-ism, fostering kittens, france, freud, frida kahlo, gender studies, genderqueer, girl on girl action, goth subculture, gothic literature, haes, heroine studies, high tea, hinduism, industrial music, installation art, irish studies, j2, jane austen, joel peter witkin, kali, kink, kissing, kitsch, legalization, life on mars, literary criticism, lolita, marc ryden, marvel cinematic universe, masochism, memento moris, mental health, mexican folk art, mourning jewelry, mysteries, mythology, neurasthenia, nineteenth century literature, non-normative masculinity, orientalism, outsider art, pain, palmistry, pantsless maurading, performance art, period films, piercings, pin-ups, poetry, polyamory, polymorphous perversity, pomosexuality, pop culture, porn, post-colonialism, pre-christian cultures, pre-raphealites, pugs, punk, queer theory, queerness, radical politics, rampant silliness, reading is my life, reading the body, reclaiming sluthood, red/black, reinventing family, reproductive rights, romanticism, sacred sexuality/sex magick, sapiosexuality, scars, serial killers, sex radicalism, sex work, sexuality studies, shaktism, slash, sleeping lots, social history, social justice, steampunk, stepmotherhood, submission, supernatural, tarot, tattoos, teaching, texture, the dark feminine, the divine feminine, the dresden dolls, the examined life, the geraldine fibbers, the industrial revolution, the medicalized body, the regency period, the zapatistas, trent reznor, vampires, victoriana, whores, wincest, wine, women's health, women's ways of knowing, writing on the body, wussy boys

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