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currently living in my bathroom are sweet (foster) Mama cat, two tiny identical blue kittens, a slightly larger tuxedo (the scardiest of the bunch) and a blind gray and white baby. I don't know any of the sexes yet, as they're too small and/or to skittish to sex.

they all come from a police seizure--either a gun or drug raid, most likely a meth bust. there were lots of cats, lots of kittens and all of them were in awful health--flea infested (which can kill kittens through anemia), respiratory infections, underfed and the poor blind baby, who has a ruptured eyeball. none of them are spayed or neutered, of course.

Mama is not their biological mama but she was the only nursing queen (of 7!) who would accept these poor babies. we *think* they're about six weeks--they're drastically undersized--which would normally be the beginning of weaning but these babies need the extra nutrition and care and Mama seems to agree.
She's extra solictious of the blind kitten--goes and gets it if it strays, checks on it regularly, makes sure it's nursing--it's heart breakingly cute.

[note--I am *not* a good photographer and squirmy kittens are difficult to photograph at the best of times. so, not so great pics but hopefully the cute shines through.]

nursingks! from left to right, little blue kitten #2, tuxedo baby and blind gray/white baby.
Note Mama's checkeboard paws!

Mama's mini-me! Mama is *such* a darling--she's very friendly/purry and loves skritches. mini-me, however, is highly dubious of me. I've yet to pet it.

this is my special friend kitten--almost immediately, one of the little blue kittens gravitated to me. whenever I come into the bathroom, it beelines for me and is not satisfied until I pick it up for snuggles; it meeps at me in its teeny little voice until I do. it also tries to nurse my fingers. it just about fits in the palm of my hand.

Chicken has not met the new additions--they are confined to the bathroom. there's been some sniffing through the door.

She's handling it ok--a little needy/acting out but no peeing.

Date: 2010-05-13 02:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jesja.livejournal.com
my cat got out once and was almost dead within 2 weeks from flea anemia :(


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